American startup is working on creating a floating hologram

American startup is working on creating a floating hologram
Developers from the Californian start-up Light Field Lab by the end of 2018 are planning to release the first working prototype of a believable hologram floating in the air, which can be seen without special sets. To continue working on the project, the company has already attracted seven million dollars of investment.

Based on its display engineers from Light Field Lab took the idea of ​​a holographic deck from Star Trek. According to the idea of ​​the scriptwriters of the series, the walls of the holopalub consist of special displays capable of producing a very realistic three-dimensional picture, turning an empty room into various locations, recreated by an on-board computer. According to the developers, by 2020 the company plans to finalize the technology and with its help to arrange holographic presentations.
The first test models of displays will be quite small, their area will be 15 x 10 centimeters, but next year it is planned to bring their dimensions to half a meter. From such modules it will be possible to make large coverings up to 30 meters wide. Each display will be able to issue a resolution of 16K and be able to project realistic holograms on its own.
Despite the impressive features and capabilities described by the developers, details of how the technology will be implemented, experts of Light Field Lab have not yet disclosed.
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