American insects suffer from the invasion of “Europeans”

American insects suffer from the invasion of “Europeans”
American biologists have warned of the dangers faced by insects of the family hornbills that live in North America. Together with them, pines are also under threat, which the “Europeans” do more harm than the “Americans”. The article with the details of the study is published in the journal NeoBiota.

Roghvoty damage the wood of trees, most often sick or fallen, laying eggs in it. The larvae also feed on wood. In addition, insects inject into the wood of the poison and infect the trees with fungi, because of which the wood rot and becomes more convenient for feeding the larvae.
Species originating in Europe can damage healthier trees, and scientists are looking for ways to support less harmful species for trees. Despite this, the number of American horns is decreasing. The reason biologists see is that the European horns are larger, they have large poisonous glands and lay more eggs. In addition, they appear from the eggs before and can populate more comfortable trees.
“Soon after the invasive species inhabits the territory, the local horns remain approximately the same as the settlers. However, in a few years the local becomes less and less, “- described the situation one of the authors of the work, an employee of Cornell University Ann Hayek.

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