America is predicting a catastrophic earthquake

America is predicting a catastrophic earthquake
Astrologer Frank Högerbeck, who specializes in disaster prevention, published an online warning that there is a threat of a devastating earthquake in February or March.
Mr. Hagerbets says that the disaster will be caused by a rare planetary alignment, which will take place from February 21 to March 7.
“In this period of time, the rare geometry of the planets will lead to a significant increase in seismicity. There is also a significant potential for a mega-earthquake with a magnitude of up to 8 or even 9 points. ”
Mr. Hogerbets uses a non-scientifically grounded method of predicting earthquakes based on planetary alignment with the Earth, resulting in “increased gravity will cause stress on the fault lines.”
He noted: “Some planetary alignments are similar to those that occurred during very large earthquakes, such as the earthquake in Chile in 1960, 9.5 points. Earthquake in Alaska in 1964, 9.2 points. And the earthquake in Sumatra in 2004, 9.3 points. ”
Mr. Hugerbets said that from February 21 to 24, the rapprochement of the three planetary systems is planned, which will lead to an increase in seismic activity.
He added that three more planetary alignments “will enhance seismic activity from the twenty-fifth to the twenty-eighth of February.”
Mr. Hagerbets warned that by March 4 there will be at least six planetary alignments.
“This is a very rare phenomenon. Particularly unique is the fourth alignment of Mercury, the Sun, Mars and Jupiter. This makes the day of March 5 the most dangerous for a devastating earthquake. ”
“With these multiple convergences, this time period is more dangerous than any other that I’ve observed over the past three years.”
Mr. Hugerbets made several forecasts with clearly mixed results.
Some of them were confirmed by significant earthquakes. Others – were not accurate.
Mr. Hugerbets added: “This is a serious warning so that everyone can prepare.”
“We will certainly experience a significant seismic increase in this period of time, but the strength and place of the event depends to a large extent on the state of the earth’s crust.”

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