A new look at Venus

A new look at Venus (1)
Thanks to the cameras of the Akatsuki spacecraft, scientists received a new view of Venus.
The IR2 camera, installed on board the Japanese spacecraft Akatsuki, which explores the atmosphere of Venus, photographed Venus. Many of us see these images for the first time. Venus looks really fantastic on them, not at all, as we saw it earlier in the pictures.
A new look at Venus (2)
A new look at Venus (3)
It is worth noting that the colors in the photos do not correspond to reality. They were specially exaggerated to make it easier for us to see the dynamic atmosphere of the atmosphere of the second planet from the Sun, which is famous for its high temperatures and acid rains.
  We remind that in 2016 some of the scientific instruments of the spacecraft went out of order, but the mission is still ongoing.

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