US authorities will finance the creation of dangerous viruses

US authorities will finance the creation of dangerous viruses
This means that now scientists can receive government grants for this kind of dangerous research. Any biologist can apply for a grant, and the expert commission will analyze it to make sure: the potential benefits of the study far exceed the risks.
After the withdrawal of the moratorium, researchers can more closely explore such dangerous diseases as avian flu and ebola, which kill thousands of people a year. Such studies can be very valuable: scientists will be able to modify the viruses to see how they can mutate in the future, or better understand them to create a vaccine.
But such studies, naturally, can be very dangerous, and if a virus created in the laboratory breaks out of quarantine conditions, a real pandemic can happen on Earth. Therefore, the institute also created a number of necessary conditions for any laboratory that examines dangerous pathogens. That is, to receive a grant, scientists will have to undergo an expert evaluation for risk, show that their work is scientifically justified, pass a laboratory test, and also prove that there are no safer ways to achieve similar results.
If all these conditions are met, the institute will allocate a research grant that increases the lethality of the virus. Thus, according to the director of the National Institute of Health Francis Collins, it will be possible to prevent the death of thousands of people. It remains only to hope that he is right.

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