The ancient giants in Ecuador were killed by fire from the sky

The ancient giants in Ecuador were killed by fire from the sky
When the Spanish conquistadors encountered the natives in Guayaquil, Ecuador in 1543, they were told of a tribe of giants who once inhabited the land of the Indians. These terrifying giants were killed by fire from the sky.
The Spaniards were surprised by this tale. Obviously, local people created stories to get their attention. But then their attitude changed. The Indians were very persuasive and their stories were very detailed and not like fiction.
When the Spaniards discovered large ancient bones and strange marks on the rocks, they realized that in Ecuador in the distant past something amazing happened.
Unusual archaeological discoveries in the valley where the ancient giants died were initiated by Juan de Olmos, lieutenant governor of Puerta Viejo, who ordered excavations in a valley where according to the stories of the Indians, giants were killed.
On this place were found large ribs, various bones and teeth. Whether these were the remains of ancient giants is unknown, but the Spaniards have found traces of thunderstorms in the rocks.
Men of giant growth with long hair, without a beard, dressed in the skin of animals – as described by these giants of the Indians.
In 1553, Pedro Cieza de Leon published a report on the giants of Guayaquil. He wrote that “the natives tell, from what they heard through their ancestors, who heard and had it from their own, that the giants sailed from the sea in large boats. These people were so high that they were down from the knee, they were as big as the length of a normal human being in full size, and the limbs were proportional to their bodies, so it was monstrous to look at their heads, so big and with the hair that descended on shoulders. But these giants angered the spirits and were all killed by fire coming from heaven. ”
Pedro Cieza de Leon also says that these huge people were dressed in animal skins, had no beards and sailed without women.
Did the Indians of Guayaquil really encounter giants who came from behind the sea?

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