Huge Wooden Structures Mystify Forest Officials In New Mexico

Santa Fe national forest officials concerned about strange huge stick structures. Santa Fe National Forest officials have begun to get concerned about many strange huge stick structures that are being built at the forest site.
Huge Wooden Structures Mystify Forest Officials In New Mexico
 Odd Cone-Shaped Structures Appearing More Frequently

A spokesperson for the Forest Service said that strange cone-shaped odd collections keep appearing and they have been increasing in their frequency during the last few weeks. The strange structures have left the authorities worried and mystified as to what they are and who is building them.

The Forest Service is worrying that the structures, which are built entirely from wood, and which often stand two or even three stories tall with a twenty feet diameter, could pose a huge fire hazard.

The authorities have said that the structures resemble those that are used to build wood fires in the forest but they are a lot bigger and there have been some signs that wood has been burned inside them. This brings the worry that it could be just a matter of time before one of the structures is set alight and it turns into a huge inferno that cannot be managed.

Wood Structures Could Be Bigfoot Homes

The Forest Service authorities have also expressed some concern over the possibility that someone is building the huge wood structures to be used as a wooden fort. The structures are said to be made up of many thousands of sticks and there is fear that they may collapse with people inside and could cause severe injuries.

The officials have no idea who is behind the building of the strange wood structures, along with what might be the motivation behind the construction of them. It has been suggested that it may be teenagers who are bored, however, it has also been said that perhaps it is Bigfoot that is building the shelters to live in. If this is the case then the legendary creatures are surely not going to be too happy about the Forest Service plans as they are destroying the structure so as to protect members of the public.

$5,000 Fines For Anyone Caught Building Wood Structures

The Forest Service is also planning to hand out fines of $5,000 to anyone found to be building the structures on what is federal land, but how they will enforce the fines if it is Bigfoot building them, is anyone’s guess.

Mountain biker Jake Matthews has been riding in the region for many years and he said that he has always seen the strange structures in the area. He said that he has been using the trails in the forest for around 12 years and has seen them the whole time, so it does not look as though it is anything that has just started. The Forest officials said that they are now becoming more common than ever and more so around the Aspen Vista region. Matthews said that most of the structures are built off the trails and do not affect anyone using the trails.

Officials are now asking anyone who finds any structures to report them to the closest Ranger District office so that they can be dismantled. 

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