Ancient cities discovered in Afghanistan

Ancient cities discovered in Afghanistan (1)
Archeological excavations in Afghanistan are impossible, but American and Afghan researchers can now study thousands of previously unlisted ancient cities and structures that were discovered with the help of an American spy satellite and the analysis of military images obtained from drones.
Among the archaeological finds are 119 caravan-saraev of the late 16th and early 17th centuries, huge complexes designed to accommodate travelers and built from the early centuries BC to the XIX century, as well as a network of ancient canals invisible from the earth.
Researchers report that they tripled the number of archaeological features found in Afghanistan, to more than 4,500, and they are convinced that there are still many undiscovered ancient sites in the country.
Ancient cities discovered in Afghanistan (2)
For more than a millennium, these ancient sites served as the decisive crossroads connecting the East and the West. According to Emily Boak, analyst of the UChicago heritage, the caravans delivered a huge amount of silk, precious stones, spices and forests from India, as well as porcelain from China.
Afghanistan is an archaeological treasure filled with objects and objects that can help fill in the missing gaps in our history books.
The use of American unmanned aerial vehicles in the Middle East for scientific preservation offers scientists the opportunity to catalog ancient objects that might never have been discovered.

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